Summerhill Parish Church was formed in 1959 to meet the growing population in the housing area from which it took its name.  The original meeting place was a converted barn in what is now Stronsay Crescent.  This building was dedicated on 18 November 1959, when the first minister, Rev J D Duff, was inducted into the charge.

Barn Church

The congregation expanded rapidly and achieved some minor fame for the unusual meeting place, becoming known as the “Barn” or “Stable” Church.  The number of attendees soon became too great for the Barn to accommodate and plans were made for an ambitious building project on a site in Stronsay Drive.

It was recorded that, for Communion in April 1961, “to overcome seating difficulties, the parish was divided into 2 districts from which members would be asked to attend (a) at 10.30 am and (b) at noon.  Those who could not comply with these arrangements could attend at 3 pm.”

On Thursday 25 May 1961, the congregation was honoured by a visit from Their Graces the Lord High Commissioner and his Lady, the Earl and Countess of Mansfield and Mansfield, accompanied by the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Rev Professor John M Graham CBE, DD.  Although the weather was inclement, the visit was a great success and included an exhibition of the plans and model of the new building.

On 2 December 1962, Rev Professor Graham returned to Summerhill to lay the foundation stone of the Stronsay Drive building.

Foundation Stone

This building was opened on 7 January 1964 by Rev D W Howie and Dedicated by the Rt Rev Professor James S Stewart, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

On 26 May1988, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland granted Aberdeen: Summerhill “Full Status” and disjoined the area covered by the parish from that of Craigiebuckler, under which, as an extension charge it had previously been operating.